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Latest Camera Bag Trends

For your camera and accessories you must have spent a fortune so to keep them safe and secure you need a proper camera bag. The last thing you want to see is your costly equipment damaged. Thankfully, camera bags these days come with many added features for more protection. You will find camera bags with […]

10 Camera bag Essentials for Photographers

Every camera bag will have different stuff because every photographer has different needs. We list out 10 camera bag essentials that you will find in every photographer’s backpack. And the best part is you can buy them all along with camera bags that are for sale online. Bean bag For taking steady pictures bean bags […]

Best Camera Backpacks for Outdoor Photography

Planning to cart all of your camera gear for an outdoor shoot? To make your shoot comfortable you need the best camera backpack. It will keep your gear organised, will have room for all your camera gear, will have rain cover to protect your gear, and will be comfortable to wear during those long wilderness […]

Why You Should Need a Proper Camera Bag?

If you own a camera you should also have a proper camera bag to keep it safe and secure. All those who have a camera will also have many accessories like memory cards, extra batteries, tripod and even laptops. And over time you will start accumulating a lot more accessories. A mistake that most people […]

Buying Guide for Camera Backpack

For your camera and photography equipment and accessories you need the right camera backpack. We help you with a few tips. Durability and Design When shopping for a camera bag backpack the most important consideration is to look for one made from materials that can withstand the weight of the camera and equipment and provide […]

10 Must Have Accessories for your New Camera Bag

For a photographer, a good camera bag is very essential. You will find a number of camera bags online. In a camera bag you usually have a camera and a couple of lenses. However, that is not enough. You need a lot more accessories. Follow this guide. Mini tripod It is not easy to carry […]

How to Choose a Perfect Photographer’s Backpack

Camera bag backpacks are the preferred choice of photographers because of their several advantages. While they may look just like ordinary backpacks, the main advantage is that they are generally more comfortable to use over longer periods. And they give easy access to your photography gear as well. So what are the things to look […]

Guide to Buy a Camera Bag for Travelling Photographers

To transport your gear easily and safely you need camera bags. But to choose a bag when there are so many options available online can be overwhelming. Follow this guide before you buy a camera backpack. What type of bag is best for me? Depending on what type of shooting you do and what gear […]

Photographer’s Jacket – Why Do a Photographer need it

The biggest advantage of a photographer’s jacket is quick and easy access to all the equipment. However, not everyone is a fan of the humble photographer’s jacket. Here is why a photographer needs it. Better Than Shoulder Bags: Unless you have an assistant to carry it, a shoulder bag is not at all practical. Probably […]

The Best Camera Bags and Stunning Accessories to Carry With You

You can organise all your photography gear and keep things clean if you own a good camera bag. You can also carry it along with you conveniently. There are a variety of camera bags available online, and choosing the best out of the lot can be a daunting task. We will familiarise you with some […]