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Camera Bags
All the camera bags and associated accessories are designed by nature and wildlife photographer in consultation with several senior and experienced photographers in different fields. The products have been field tested for over 6 months and modifications are constantly added to provide best in category features.

Pro photographers need to stow away necessary items in convenient storage for easy access. Each of the accessory items have been designed to cater to quick access while having maximum storage capacity.


The newest brand from Shiva Texyarn Ltd is Wulfpro – a complete site for camera bags, bean bags and photographer’s jackets online. Shiva Texyarn is a part of Bannari Amman Group Companies, based in South India. It is a leading industrial conglomerate, which has ventures in diverse industries, from manufacturing to trading and services. Established in 1980, the company with a turnover of around Rs 4500 cr works to tap varied markets like Textiles, Spinning, Clothing, Sugar, Education, Granite, Automobiles, Power, Healthcare, etc. Wulfpro – the online shop that sells the finest range of camera bags, bean bags and photographer jackets online to help you gear up for your exciting expeditions – is the company’s latest venture.

About Us

It all started over a campfire. The small conversation led to a journey to make the best camera backpacks, camera bean bags and photographer jackets and vests for men and women in India. Their professional camera bags are designed by photographers after taking into consideration their own practical requirements. A photographer’s job requires them to travel far and wide with their camera and accessories. To carry heavy equipment they need enough storage space. They also need comfortable bags and photographer vests, so that they can move from one place to another clicking pictures to their heart’s content without feeling a load on their shoulders. The photographer backpacks and bean bags for camera are tested in labs for quality. With its extremely specialized features and world class quality, the backpacks are just apt for wildlife photographers.

WHY Wulfpro?

Wulfpro professional camera bags, camera bean bags and photographer vests are flawlessly designed from the finest quality material to endure all your daring and energetic travels. They can survive tough expeditions as well as harsh changes in the weather. With the range of products you can seek the unexplored paths and trails and quench your thirst for adventure travels without any discomfort.

All products like camera backpacks, bean bags and photographer jackets you get to buy online are designed to endure the toughest conditions. They have the right mix of functionality, durability and style. The brand strives to satisfy the customer in every possible way with the range of designs, colours and style in every product they manufacture. Their products are a must have for every adventurer — be it mountaineering or long expeditions or hiking. They bring out the adventure junkie in each of us.

No matter what model, type or brand your camera happens to be, you will inevitably need to find the right accessory to keep it safe. You also need a camera bag that will enable you to carry the camera as well as other essential accessories along with you. To buy the best camera bag or cheapest bean bag or photographer jackets online can be a daunting task for some photographers. Their range of bags and accessories can meet your varying needs in the field.

The camera backpacks and accessories are designed by nature and wildlife photographer in discussion with numerous experienced photographers in different fields. They are field tested for quality over 6 months and alterations are regularly added to provide the best with specialised features.

You can keep your camera with you at all times, thanks to the great selection of bags available online. They will ensure that your camera is safe. They are a must for taking photos on the move. Whether you need a bag to fit multiple camera accessories for a DSLR or a compact bag for your point and shoot camera you’ll find the bag to suit your needs.

The camera bags have triple opening options to give you easy access. They are also dust and waterproof and just what you need for action-packed photography that will let you take photos or record footage underwater! The paddle shoulder straps give you the ultimate comfort and let you do the job without any distress.

Backpacks and photographer vests make it easier to carry your camera and camera accessories. They can also help you to protect your camera equipment from dust and dirt, bumps and scratches, and from the elements. You can buy a range of backpacks and photographer jackets online. They are suitable for all camera models and accessories.

The products are suitable for a range of camera models, and are very popular. They are cheap yet stylish, sleek and practical, and can help you protect your camera equipment, and look great at the same time. You can buy all products online and get them shipped to your home conveniently.

Want to wear all your camera gear around you? Wulfpro photographer jackets have been designed with the maximum storage capacity and enable quick access. They are designed to withstand rugged environments, too. In the bean bag you can carry weight of 2.5 kg.

The photographer jackets come in a range of sizes from XS to 2XL. They have given a detailed size chart, which will enable you to pick the right jacket for your frame.

Wulfpro is currently offering discounts on rain cover, mini camera bag, bean bag, long lens bag and more. Just grab the opportunity.

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